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As a young kid in Southern California, Adam Householder grew up on a steady diet of off-road videos and weekends at Glamis. His passion for off-road racing was born during long those weekends riding quads with his family.  Adam’s first interest in competitive racing began in 1999 when he got into racing Midget cars, which he raced for over fours years and managed to win two championships.  As soon as he was old enough to drive Adam turned his daily driver into a Pre-runner.  At first, he just went out and played and spectated local desert races with his self-built off-road vehicle, but it quickly turned into racing.  In 2006 Adam entered the MDR 200, a local desert race that is known to have a massive pre-runner 1450 Class turnout.  Even though he only finished 2 of 4 laps, Adam was hooked.

“I was one of those kids who always dreamed about racing a Trophy Truck.  So the best I could do at the time was to chop my daily driver into a pre-runner,” stated the young enthusiastic driver.

He continued to race 1450 with more breaks than finishes, until his father Terry, recognized his son’s passion for off-road racing, and his own long buried passion was re-ignited.

“Watching my son fall in love with the sport that I had loved as well was really rad.  It’s like those movies when the son discovers his dad’s baseball card collection.  It’s a new relationship, more as friends than father and son.  I also had a lifelong dream of trying to win the Mint 400, and doing it with my son would be even better.” stated Terry.

Terry had a long history in racing, starting in off-road racing.  At 15 years old, Terry had started co-driving a Class 2 unlimited car with Denis Platt/Dave Becket.  He rode for 2.5 years, even winning a championship in Class 2. After that he worked and drove for various teams.  “I was instantly addicted to off-road.  As a kid, I was willing to do anything just to get the opportunity to be involved with a team.”  After several years of racing in off-road Terry moved on to road racing working for a Trans-Am SCCA team until his career and commitment to his family took him in a different direction, away from racing.

The duo began to compete in Class 1 with marginal success.  After struggling, the father and son team upgraded to a new Playtech Class 1 car and almost immediately saw results; finishing 2nd in class in the 2010 Mint 400. That year they also shared driving duties in the famed Baja 1000.  Although the finish was nothing to brag about the experience had enriched their lives and given them invaluable seat time in some of the most remote, unforgiving terrain on the planet.

In 2009, Adam was approached by Nate Hansen from Blitzkreig Manufacturing about teaming up to build their first ever Trophy Truck.  They were able to make a surprisingly affordable deal and the first Blitzkreig was born.  “I was super stoked to have a Trophy Truck, but I quickly realized we had jumped way into the deep end of the pool!  The speed that you could drive through bumps is mind-boggling!”  It took the duo almost two years to get comfortable with the capabilities of the Trophy Truck.  In 2010, they managed to finish 5th at the SCORE San Felipe 250 against a large field of vetted competitors and an ultra rough course.  2011 has started off great with a first place overall win at the Best in the Desert Silver State 300

“It is so great to race against people I consider my hero’s like; Robby Gordon, and BJ Baldwin.  Now we are in a position where we are consistently top 5 and even winning races!” stated Adam.